Wildcard is an Elite Mod whose appearance resembles that of a playing card.

In Career ModeEdit

He appears in the course Island Dash. A message at the end of the pre-race intro says that he's probably a creature of vampire descent, hence his large canine teeth. He is favorited by many fans, and is number 3 in the B.I.F.F list, only topped by Espresso and Nato, later by Espresso and Tag. Gary Reasons even calls Wildcard a track-favorite.

There was a rumor that was later proved to be true that he Sideswiped his own mother off the freeway, revealing he has a cocky & rash nature. The pre-race cut-scene of Island Dash shows Wildcard Sideswiping Tag out of his spot, furthering evidence of his charactor.

In his Grudge Match, you have to beat him 1-on-1. It is considered amazing to get him because the player needs 4000 Airtime Points, which is considered very hard.


  • Wildcard's information seen in the Island Dash cut-scene:
    • Thought to be a creature of a vampire descent.
    • Hates it when his souffles fall.
    • Sleeps in a queen sized coffin.
  • Aside from Tag & Jez, Wildcard is the only elite mod to have information regarding family.


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