ModNation™ Racers 22

Wild Run

Wild Run
is a course in the game ModNation Racers; it is the pre-race of The Range Tour. It is a wilderness race track, and the second new course the player gets. This course does not feature an Elite Mod. Tag must learn how to avoid traps, how to activate triggers, and how to use the obstacles of the course to his advantage.

Base Best Lap: 00:50:000

Base Best Time: ?


Advance: Finish 3rd or better

Rewards: Wild Run, Stickers (8), Button

Payoff: Finish 1st; Activate 3 Devastators

Rewards: Slip Stream Spoiler, Vintage Engine

Bonus: Finish 1st; Take down 3 opponents

Rewards: Mohawk Hair, Mouths (15)


  • A new rule was invented on this track; which states, that anyone who finishes last on this track will get an atomic wedgie by Biff Tradwell.
  • This track's internal name is "RURALFARM".


Wild Run Incorrect Start Line Texture

The Start Line has a black background where the animation should be (probably an old track).

  1. In the PSP version of this track, the Start Line has a black background where the MRC animation should be. This may indicate that the final version of the track is older than the other tracks.
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