Big City Expansion Pack

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YO Modnation! Ready to trick out ya track? Give it a little spin on the city side? Well this is for all ya! The Big City Extention pack is here! With several new UFG tracks, tokens, challenges, and again, over 40 parts, you can truely make the city of your dreams! Something the Seaside theme couldn't deliver! Also, the MC Mod is ready to take down those so called 'racers' in his low ridin' van. He is yours for only $1.99. Lastly, if ya do feel really american, the new Wild West theme is available, too! It's $4.99. So head on down to the Playstion Store, or visit the Modspot shop for this great deals! Game Trooper 13:30, June 15, 2011 (UTC)

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