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United Front Games are the developers of ModNation Racers. They are a small development Studio in Vancouver. United Front Games was founded in 2007 and started to develop their first officially announced game, ModNation Racers in 2008. United Front Games has partnered with Activision for the development of True Crime, the sequel to the open world action game True Crime: New York City. United FrontGames is also partnered with Sony Computer Entertainment for the development of ModNation Racers for the PlayStation 3, a "User-Generated Content" kart racing game, released on May 25, 2010. There most recent game was Littlebigplanet Karting. They are best known for making karting games that use user-generated content and also use sony's motto Play, Create Share, a motto used for the Littlebigplanet series which they have contributed to and their own series ModNation Racers.


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