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Tracks are the places you race in ModNation Racers. You can build tracks using Track Studio.

Parts of a TrackEdit


Main article: Themes

There are seven themes available in ModNation Racers. The seven themes are Alpine, Desert, Seaside, Jungle, Far East, Arctic, and Big City.


Main article: Terrain

Terrain is the customizable terrain of your Track. The terrain is edited by using terrain brushes to change the height and texture of areas of the terrain. You can also make bodies of water visible if you lower the terrain enough.

Track PathEdit

Main article: Track Path

The Track Path is the track path that you create in First Drive. You can add Breadcrumbs and Branch shortcuts to your track, and use Advanced Edit to move certain points of your path.


Main article: Props

Props are objects that you place into your track. There are at least two thousand different props to place in a track, but due to RAM limitations, you can only place a limited amount of unique Props (and this can be affected by other things on the track as well).

Some props affect the gameplay and are Functional Props. Examples of this type of prop include Mega Jumps and Item Pods. Some other Props are animated and have working animations, but Animated Props have a limit of up to three hundred per track. Examples include Animal Sprays and Item Pods.


Main article: Environments

The Environment is editable as well. You can change the time of day and the direction of the sun, how cloudy the track is, the wind which affects how fast the clouds move, and the global Water Level.

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