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ModNation Racers This is only relevant to the PS3 version of this game. For the PSP version of Track Studio, visit Track Studio (PSP).

The Track Studio is the most prominent feature of ModNation Racers, and the major thing making it part of the Play, Create, Share franchise. The amount of unique props available for use in Tracks is expansive with over two thousand Props available. There are also seven Themes to choose from, which include Alpine, Desert, Seaside, Jungle, Far East, Arctic, and Big City. Players can make Tracks ranging from a basic Alpine Forest to a Big City Nation.

Before First Drive Edit

Track creation begins with the selecting a Track Theme. After it loads, players can edit the terrain. Players can also edit the adjusting of the sun and overcast, and when done, start paving the road.

During the road-paving process, the player takes control of a Steamroller, using mostly standard driving controls, but using the right stick to adjust altitude. There is a limit on how much track the player can pave, shown as a bar at the bottom of the screen. This limit has significantly decreased in an update to ModNation Racers.

Terrain will account for placed track by it moving below the placed track. To make a complete track and exit First Drive, players must drive and connect the steamroller's end of the track to the Start Line.

Main CreationEdit

The player can then access a menu which, in addition to terrain and environment adjustment, will allow the player to place props (such as trees, houses, and ramps), edit the track in both basic and advanced modes (editing the width of turns and the height of the track, etc.), and add branches and breadcrumbs.

The player can also Auto-Populate parts of the Track, and the game will auto generate Props and change the Road Styles of parts of track. In addition to these options, the player can override pieces of track with the Auto-Reset road style to make gaps for jumps and drops that automatically reset players, or Re-Pave sections of the road which the player deems incorrect.

The creator can then set up a quick race so the player can test out the track in a racing environment with six or four players.



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