A Token.

A Token is a collectible Prop that players can acquire in a race in Career Mode. There are 5 tokens hidden on each Track, making a total of 215 (or 150 in ModNation Racers: Road Trip). Each token can be cashed in at the Shop, where you can have a lucky dip at either 1, 2, or 5 tokens per dip. The higher the token cost, the more valuable the item will be. Of course, you can always use these items you've unlocked to customize your Mod or Kart. The player requires all tokens to unlock every item.

Token UnlockablesEdit

ModNation RacersEdit

One TokenEdit

If you bet one token, you can unlock miscellaneous attachments for KartsMods, and Tracks.

  • Mods:
    • Headgear: Dino, Paper Bag, Boogey, Sombrero, Phoenix Lucha
    • Eyewear: Night Vision
    • Footwear: Cowboy
  • Karts:
    • Wheels: Chopping Block, Stone, Roulette, Color Wheel, Clear, Lollipop, Camera Lens, Skullz, Teddy Bears.
    • Seats: Recliner, Mushroom, Toilet, Stump, Books, Garbage Can, Crate, Cinder Block, Electric Chair, Stool, Office Chair, Park Bench, Old Car, Cowhide, 
    • Steering Wheels: Military, Chain, Cookie, Donut, Pirate, Clock, Bamboo, Pizza Box, Toilet Seat, Rotor, Sprocket, Balloon.
    • Spoilers: Weight, Luggage, Snow Board, Paddles, Lightning, Hockey Sticks, Ladder.
  • Tracks:
    • Brushes: Skull Brush, Arrow Brush, Star Brush, Ramp 2 Brush, Cross Brush, Steps 2 Brush, House Brush, Pyramid Brush, Heart Brush. 

Two TokensEdit

For 2 tokens, you can unlock engines for your Kart.

  • Engines: Rootbeer Keg, Wind Up, Wind Turbine, Nuclear, Warp Drive, Propane, Hamster Wheel, Heart, Outboard, Shuttle Booster.

Five TokensEdit

If you bet 5 tokens you will unlock Kart bodies.

  • Kart Bodies: Cosmo Mobile, Mower, Rolling Refuse, Choo Choo!, Short Bus, I Scream, Rosso, Eliminator, TSD, Fender Bender, Grand Touring, Big Rig.


Token Prop

In the Place Along Track tutorial, this Token is shown above a yellow circle in Miner's Rift, confirming that Tokens are Props.

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