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Matthew Cenance Matthew Cenance 1 April 2014

ModNation Racers: Road Trip online racing update released!

]] SDS has released an update for ModNation Racers: Road Trip that includes the ability to create online races with up to eight players. It also improves Ad-Hog capabilities to support eight players and races on unpublished Tracks.

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Matthew Cenance Matthew Cenance 5 February 2014


I have just received word that I got accepted and I'm now an Admin of this Wiki! These are the things I'm planning to do next.

That's right, you can actually gain Achievements on this wiki now. Some of them are customized as well.

As a side effect, there is also the Achievement Leaderboard! Try getti…

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Matthew Cenance Matthew Cenance 4 January 2014

Happy late New Year 2014!

I'm sorry for waiting, but the New Year is already starting! Happy New Year! Oh, did you check out the new templates I created? Visit the page, you will find out!

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