Slick is one of the Elite Mods of the MRC, and is the champ of Sandstorm. He is the first Elite Mod that Tag faces in the Grim Tour.

In Career ModeEdit

He is an old man, and wandered onto a track for his first race. He races in a very retro-styled kart, probably used ever since he entered the MRC. He thinks chicks dig his goggles. Slick is most known for his ability to not make mistakes on the track, as his name implies. In the pre-cutscene, Tag runs over Slick's feet, forcing him to limp to his kart. In his Grudge Match, Tag needs to get a higher score than him to recieve the Grudge Match prizes.


  • Slick is one of the only Elite Mods who does not pull a prank or trashtalk Tag in a pre-cutscene, the other is Hale.
  • Suprisingly, Slick does not return to the Grand Tour, along with Nato, Aloha, and Dyno.
  • Slick's information seen in the Sandstorm cutscene:
    • Started his career when stumbled onto a track
    • Thinks chicks dig into his goggles
    • Uses mustache wax on a special occasion
    • Dont call him a gnome


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