Skidplate is an Elite Mod in ModNation Racers. He is a robot-like bionic, with a yellow helmet and suit. Some think his racing helmet is his actual head, but others think it's just a helmet.

In Career ModeEdit

You face him on the track Boardwalk. He collects the flat tires of his victims karts. He also thinks to be an undercover robot, and he's very unsportsmanlike as shown in the pre-race cutscene of Boardwalk. Here, he offers Tag a handshake, but pulls back before Tag can shake his hand and does the "too slow" motion. Tag retaliates by stomping on his foot. You have to defeat him and his thugs by finishing 1st in his Grudge Match.


  • Skidplate is the only elite mod that does not appear in the Crazy Crater track in The Grand Tour (he is cut out from the last race).
  • During the cutscence, his decription said he's a 'robot in disguise'. This was part of the motto for the original Transformers line of toys, and later, the cartoon. His appearance somewhat resembles the beloved charactor, Bumblebee, who was also yellow.


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