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Shadow is a female Elite Mod that races at the track Switchback Valley. She is a dark themed racer, and her style is similar to that of a goth or a rock star.

In Career Mode[]

Shadow is a supernatural Mod who has the ability to teleport, which may prove her to be street performer or maybe even something more.

Shadow teleporting to Switchback Valley.

As stated before, she is the champion of the course Switchback Valley. In order to beat her in her Grudge Match, you must get a higher score than her.

She along with Jez (and Astro Kitty in the PSP version) are the only female elite mods. Tag races Shadow again later, when she returns at the Grand Tour.


Shadow is the maker of Exhaust, a fragrance, and also takes part in a new viral cosmetics campaign for it. This is revealed by a Big City prop billboard advertising the Exhaust fragrance.



Shadow teleporting and shocking Tag.

Shadow appears to hate Tag (or at least likes to scare and annoy him), as shown in the pre-race cutscene of Switchback Valley. Shadow taunts Tag by dancing like a mime, then suddenly teleports away as Harry nearly runs her over. She then re-appears next to Tag's Kart, scaring and/or shocking Tag.


Shadow has a dark and gloomy viewpoint in life, plus she has an angry expression on her face most of the time.

She's most known for her inability to smile. She entered an Modnation prettiest smile contest, and unfortunately got last place. She also thinks happiness is overrated. Once, she smiled, and said it was the hardest experience of her life.


Shadow has a faded blue skin color, blue hair that is almost black, and a blue shirt with a black and cyan skull on it. She also wears black gloves, one has a cyan and white cross, the other has a circle of the same colors.


  • She was the high school prom queen.
  • Her favorite color is 'dark, dark. really dark grey... and black.'
  • She likes ponies and rainbows.
  • She thinks happiness is overrated.


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