Sackboy, in his Kart. He is on the track Flaming Jumps.

Sackboy is the star and some may say legend of the video game series LittleBigPlanet. Sackboy is offered to early adopters of the game, and offered to those who have made previous purchases of DLC for LBP. Users were sent an email with an unlock redeem code unlocking Sackboy and his custom Kart as a playable character.

Email with redeem

He is available as one of the Mods in ModNation Racers. Sackboy was available in early copies of the game that are marked with a special sticker. These early copies contained a code that unlocked Sackboy as a playable racer. The codes have expired and cannot be redeemed now.


  • As with other pre-order bonuses, the Sackboy Mod and kart are not remixable and publishable.
  • Unlike all the other Pre-Order Bonuses, he looks nearly identical to his LittleBigPlanet self.
  • After the Sackboy costume was released, Sony published a ModNation Racers DLC pack containing a Tag costume and stickers for LittleBigPlanet.

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