ModNation™ Racers 12

Rumble Island

Rumble Island
is the penultimate track of the Grim Tour. The Elite Mod is Dolor. The main attraction of the track is the wrecked plane. Tag will go both under and over this plane throughout each of the laps. There are many shortcuts, and the game states racers have died trying to find all of them. Before the race, Biff tricks Gary into thinking it was called Rum-blay Island. On the starting line, Dolor hits Tag and another racer with a flying cross body tackle.

Base Best Lap: ?

Base Best Time: ?


Finish Third


Finish 1st

Get 4,000 Airtime Points


Finish 1st

Sideswipe Dolor in the village

Grudge Match

Beat Dolor 1-on-1

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