CM's Bomb

The bomb planted by Richard Short that destroyed Tag's own Kart.

Richard's Bomb is a bomb planted by Uncle Richard on Tag's own Kart. He planted the bomb there so that Tag would be forced to sign his contract so that Conservative Motors would win the Championship. The plan was a success, as the bomb exploded while the Chief was tuning Tag's Kart, destroying Tag's Kart and the Boom Box with it, and putting him into a coma. This allow Richard to sign a contract with Tag. During the next few races in the career mode, Tag's appearance is forcibly changed to show Conservative Motors branded racing attire and a branded kart, as well as replacing the Chief's dialog when racing with Richard's dialog.

The contract allowed Richard to claim that he technically won the Crazy Crater race because Tag signed it. Unfortunately for him, his plan backfired as the ModNation Police Department found out about who planted the bomb and what it did to the Chief and arrested Richard Short and taken down CM (or put it in questionable hands).

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