Uncle Richard

A picture of Richard Short.

Richard Short is the owner of Conservative Motors, a kart dealership for fairly ordinary "bland" cars, he is the tru main antagonist. He is also referred to as 'Uncle Richard' as he is Tag's uncle.

In Career ModeEdit

Richard Short's goal is to get Tag to sponsor for Conservative Motors.

Uncle Richard tries multiple times to get Tag to sponsor his company without any luck. He learned he needed a different way to force Tag into the contract, so he plants a Bomb in Tag's Kart, and it later sabotages his boom box and damages The Chief with it. This drives Tag to sign his contract to save Mom's Paint Shop, and continue racing with a different outfit while being sponsored Conservative Motors.

While Tag is sponsoring Conservative Motors, Richard acts as Tag's Chief, taking over his usual position of helping Tag. Unfortunately, the Chief died in 1997 aged 52, in his coma and revealed that his disease has been dead for 48 years from the crash that ended his career, so Tag could stop being sponsored by CM. "Never hug me!"

Richard Short being arrested

Richard Short is being arrested by the Police.

Later on, after hearing that Tag won the Grand Tour, despite Tag long abandoning his contract with Conservative Motors, Richard claims that since Tag signed his contract, Conservative Motors had won. His plan suddenly backfires when he gets arrested by the ModNation Police Department. They had discovered that he planted his bomb on Tag's Kart and what the resulting explosion did to Tag's kart and the Chief.


  • He was also called 'Ricky' by Tag's mom, but he disapproved of the name.
  • A joke by PS users is that he owns HONDA.
  • There is a Conservative Motors billboard prop that can be used in custom tracks with him on it that says, "Putting the ordinary in extraordinary."



  • "Are you sup ossed to be slid ing ar ound like that? Oh, hey, nice work."
  • "Some one is SO get ting fir ed for this!"
  • "It's Ri chard!"
  • "No body likes an art sy fart sy sof tie, espe cial ly the Con ser vat ive Mot ors team. And by team, I mean me."
  • "So, you made it one lap with out fal ling off. Whad dya want, a cake?! That's your job!"
  • "Easy take down! Like tag ging hip pos at the zoo."
  • "Set 'em up, knock 'em down."