The Race Station is part of the ModSpot. It is the place where you can start races, whether it be online, singleplayer, splitscreen, or Career Mode.

Online Edit


Online Mode

Here, you can choose if you want to host or join casual races, join XP races, or use splitscreen to host or join a race. You will then be directed to a Gameroom where a race will commence shortly. You may also create records online on the various tracks you race on, whether user generated or premade by UFG.

Quick Race Edit


Quick Race Mode

Here, you can race on your own at the track of your choice. It can just be a normal Action or Pure race, or it can be a Time Trial mode where you try to achieve your personal best for either lap time or race time.

Split Screen Edit


Split Screen Mode

Here, you can connect up to four controllers and play an offline race. The race can have up to four user-controlled players. It can be an Action or Pure race. If you would like to race online with splitscreen, only two players may partake in it.

Career Edit


Career Mode

Career Mode is the main part of this section of the Race Station. This is where you can enter Career Central to do career races, complete Grudge Matches, or view your best lap times.

Global Top Race XPEdit

Near the entrance of the Race Station, there is a large statue of Tag, and the player with the most global Race XP has their name displayed here.

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