Pre-Order Bonuses are special bonuses that players get when they pre-ordered ModNation Racers. Different retailers offered different Mods based on other popular PlayStation franchises.
  • Game Stop US and UK - Kratos and his Kart of Chaos.
  • - Ratchet and Clank.
  • Best Buy US and Game UK - Nathan Drake and his Jungle Jeep.
  • Game Crazy - Sackboy
  • Mac's Stores (Canadian Version Only) - Froster Character

In addition to these guaranteed Mods, each player will get an additional Bonus Mystery Mod and Kart package that include not just a special Mod and Kart, but additional accessories that you can use to make your own creations!


  • Despite being only available by pre-ordering ModNation Racers, they later all became purchasable mods (with the exception of Sackboy).

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