Nato is an Elite Mod who races on the track Sinkhole.

In Career ModeEdit

Nato is an army general, or colonel, with a thing for explosives. He has a few bandages around his leg (likely happened during war.) You have to race against him and his team of Boy Scouts for his Grudge Match. He is either insane or mentally ill, as proven by the pre-Sinkhole cutscene, where he fires a missile and tries to get rid of the other racers. He also fell in love with a missile and he is apparently engaged with it (or she as he'd call it). He claims to be a veteran of every war in history, even though he is proven to have no actual combat experience. He also enjoys gun powder on his breakfast cereals. He seems to be liked by many fans of the MRC, being number two on the B.I.F.F list, but was later dropped heavily to number nine.

In order for you to get Nato's Grudge Match, you must finish first, take out an opponent in the sinkhole, and destroy three of his explosives. You must finish in first before him and his thugs to beat the grudge match.

Nato also makes PizzaDogBurgers, as shown in a billboard prop.

Rivalry with DiabloEdit

Nato has a huge rivalry with the demonic Diablo. Apparently, they have known each other since they were little kids. According to the game guide, Nato has been living in Diablo's shadow for years. He's also been chasing the title of the champion of the Grim Tour. At the opening cutscene, a clip is shown of Nato and Diablo as little kids racing on tricycles, and later in their present day on regular karts. This may prove that Nato's rivalry with Diablo is a friendly rivalry, or they were childhood friends who later became enemies.


  • Oddly, Nato is named after North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O.) formed during the Cold War, one of the most recent wars, even though he has been in every war in history (or so he claims).
  • Surprisingly, Nato does not return at the Grand Tour, along with Aloha, Slick, and Dyno.
  • It is unknown how he dropped so heavily on the B.I.F.F list.
  • The E3 2009 trailer shows that Nato originally had grey hair, and Nato's Kart had a stock engine.
  • He is similar to Drillbit, as both of them are crazy about explosives and have injuries that likely happened during they're previous occupations.
File:Nato Introduction.jpg
  • This is Nato's information seen in the Sinkhole cutscene:
    • No combat experience whatsoever.
    • Enjoys gunpowder in his breakfast cereals.
    • Collects toy soldiers.


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