Mythical titan cat is one of the cat units in the popular mobile game, The battle cats. It is the second evolution of the Titan cat, and evolves again at level 30. He was made as a playable mod for Modnation racers by DatKoopaTroopa64.


the mod has white skin, a pitch-black face, two white dot-eyes, and black spots under his neck. he also has black halos around his head. This is because in the original game, the Mythical titan cat has black energy floating around parts of its head. The mouth was made using stickers, and doesn't animate.


Unlike DatKoopaTroopa64's other characters from The battle cats, this one has its own kart. It sports a dark-grey color scheme with gradients around its wheels. It has darker colors closer to the bonnet of the kart, and its wheels are various shades of blue. On its number plate is a picture of a basic cat from The battle cats, made with stickers.

Mythicaltitancatkart modnation

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