Group Shot 2

The Chief, Tag, and Tag's Mother, three Mods in ModNation Racers.

Elite Mods Postcard

The Elite Mods in ModNation Racers: Road Trip.

Mods are customizable characters that are featured in the ModNation Racers series. By default, Tag is selected as the Mod players will race with, as he is the main protagonist of the series.

In ModNation Racers and ModNation Racers for the PlayStation Portable, players will be quickly redirected into Mod Studio, the place where players create, edit, select, and remix Mods. Using the Share Station, Mods, Karts, and Tracks can be downloaded, published, remixed, and shared with the ModNation community. Mods are the player's representative in the game and are used as the player's representative in online races.

Features of a ModEdit

These are the customizable parts of a Mod. *Star means only some of the items have this feature customizable.


User-Generated ModsEdit

User-generated Mods are mods that are created by the people that play ModNation Racers. They vary in many ways, including clothing, color, and others. They can be published and downloaded by other racers.

Elite ModsEdit

Elite Mods are the top ranked Mods of the MRC, and star in one of the Tracks in the Career. The player races against them following the Mayhem Tour, some examples being Drillbit, Shadow, Dyno, and Espresso.

Premium ModsEdit

Premium Mods are racers that are made by UFG as DLC, or Pre-order bonuses. Some examples are Sackboy, Kratos, Van Man, Air Raid, Sweettooth, and CM Mod. These Mods are only available in ModNation Racers, but the parts included in the respective creation kits are included in ModNation Racers: Road Trip and require no DLC, however, they must be unlocked in ModExplorer, or by purchasing an Unlock-All Key from the PlayStation Store, which also unlocks all parts gained from Career Mode and Token purchases.

UFG Racer ModsEdit

In addition to User-Generated and Elite Mods, games in the ModNation Racers series also features a group of racers that fill the slots during any given race. While not fleshed out, these Mods are a great example of the potential for customization available in the ModNation Racers series.

Elite Mod ThugsEdit

In ModNation Racers: Road Trip races, there are sometimes multiple Mods that are Elite Thug Mods, but with different names.

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