A MRC card.

The ModNation Racing Championship (or just MRC) is a fictional racing tournament founded by the entrepreneur Marcus Ramses Callahan in 1931 and is currently hosted by Biff TradwellTag, the main protagonist, becomes a newest racer to enter the MRC. The series is composed of 28 different tracks in 5 tours: Home Tour, Mayhem Tour, Range Tour, Grim Tour, and Grand Tour. The current MRC defending champion is Espresso, until Tag beats him and win the series.

In the CareerEdit

In the D-Day Mission cutscene, Tag put a MRC flyer on the tabletop of Mom's Paint Shop.


Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • The Tire Fence prop shows ModSports (or ModRacing in the PSP version). This is incorrect, because ModSports doesn't exist as it doesn't get mentioned at all in Career Mode. However, the pre-rendered cutscenes show MRC instead, causing a continuity runoff with the actual gameplay. However it used to have MRC on it.

Rendering ErrorsEdit

  • When Tag's MRC flyer bounces off Mom's table, it rotates to a position where part of it enters the table. This is impossible in real life.
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