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The Home Tour[]

The MRC in Marcus Ramses Callahan's time.

In the MRC advertisement, Biff Tradwell announces the new season of the ModNation Racing Championship (or MRC for short) which has twenty-eight Tracks.

Biff explains that racing has been around since recorded history in ModNation. In the year 1931, Marcus Ramses Callahan, had an idea and he founded the ModNation Racing Championship, which changed racing significantly since then. It is shown in a newspaper shot that Espresso has won at least one trophy.

Tag and Mother.jpg

Tag's MRC Flyer.

Tagger, a male graphiti artist, received an MRC Flyer. He shows it to his Mother in Mother's Paint Shop. Tag's Mother finds a friend who is a Crew Chief.

D-Day Mission in Mod Circuit[]

The Chief next to Tag.

Tag's Crew Chief (who is actually referred to as The Chief) prepares Tagger's kart for racing, and Tag gets ready to race in the Mod Circuit track.

Mother, Uncle Richard, The Chief, and Tag are all far away from the camera.

After Tag finishes his race, he qualifies for the MRC. In the cutscene, a light green Mod with white clothing is shown with The Chief and Mother.

Richard Short with Mother.

As Tag walks to the crowd, the light green Mod quickly introduces himself to Tag as Uncle Richard, and reveals that he is the owner of Conservative Motors. Richard explains to Tag that he can make him rich by sponsoring CM, but first he must tell Richard more about himself. Richard then receives a phone call, and walks off into the distance talking with his assistant. The Chief wants to show Tag something, so Tag followed him.

The Chief shows Tag to the ModSpot.

The Chief shows Tag to the ModSpot. When Tag is at the ModSpot, a young Mod asks Tag to sign his Signature on the red glove.

Farm Frenzy[]

A picture of The Chief being Sideswiped into the walls and crashing.

Before the race, the Home Tour is announced. Gary Reasons talks about Tag's secret weapon, the Chief. The Chief is shown on the pre-race video and Gary explains that he was a former veteran racer twenty five years ago. He explains that the Chief stopped racing because he got involved in a king sized wreck in turn three of the championship race. This knocked the Chief off the track and caused him to crash into the walls and eventually land off the Track in the grasslands nearby. The person shown bumping into the Chief's Kart has an Aero Helmet and a black mustache.

Gary shows the Chickenator on the screen.

Gary also reveals that the winner of the Home Tour will receive a "parts package" which is sponsored by the Chickenator.

After the race, the player is kicked into Mod Studio.

Village Run[]

Gary comments on Tag's costumes.

In the pre-race video, Biff Tradwell talks about Tag's costumes that he created. Gary Reasons then reveals the Behind Incredible Fan Favorite List which Biff calls "the B.I.F.F List" (proving it is obviously named after Biff Tradwell).

The B.I.F.F list.

The screen then shows the list. It shows that Espresso is in first, then Nato, Wildcard, Drillbit, Fade, Iceman, Scout, Diablo, and Tag. It is also revealed that the current champion of the MRC is Espresso. It is unknown how Tag somehow got enough fans in just two days to reach the top nine position on the B.I.F.F list.

Mother's Complaints.jpg

After Tag finishes the race in third or better, Mother reveals to Tag that she has some bad news. She can't afford the constant repairs to Tag's Kart, and since business at her shop is too slow, she'll run out before Tag even enters the Mayhem Tour. She comments that the racing was fun while it lasted. The Chief says that "She'll explode in a fatal tangle of metal, fire and destruction, that's only gonna end in tears!" which implies that if Tag's Kart can't get repaired and races too much, it will get too damaged to repair and Tag will be unable to race.

Alpine Drop[]

Conservative Motors.

Before the race, a Conservative Motors advertisement is shown. Uncle Richard implies three statements with his elegant wording. The first is that "artistry and elegance on Karts will get you... 'Kart Jacked!'", the second is that "Conservative Motors's B00CS Sedan is affordable, reliable, and guaranteed never to be noticed," and the third is that you should "Settle for less."

Tag's kart breaks.

After the race, the Chief is surprised and amazed that Tag's Kart survived four races not being repaired. The kart breaks down after his statement. He decides that Tag doesn't need his help anymore since his kart is broken. Fortunately, when a Tag Fan cheers for Tag despite the problem, Mother comes up with an idea, which is an advertisement for her kart paint shop or Mother's Paint Shop.

Mother during her Advertisement for Mother's Paint Shop.

After the advertisement, the player is kicked into Kart Studio.

The Mayhem Tour[]

Miner's Rift[]

Mother's Paint Shop comment.jpg

Before the race, Gary Reasons comments on Mother's Paint Shop reopening. Biff then reveals the Mayhem Tour, and Gary comments that newcomers will experience the Elite Mods for the first time.

The Elite Mods include Drillbit, Skidplate, and Wildcard. The first track in the Mayhem Tour is Miner's Rift.

Drillbit is introduced.

In the pre-race cutscene, Drillbit is introduced.

After the race, the Chief reveals that he owns land in Flatville. He gives Tag full permission to create Test Tracks in his land.

After the Chief said "Let's destroy some habitats!" the player is kicked into Track Studio.


The blueprint of tracks.

Before the race, Gary is shown, and Biff is missing. However, it is revealed that Biff is voiceacting in the background. The screen changes to a blueprint of later tracks.

Tag stomps on Skidplate's foot.

In the pre-race cutscene, Tag stomps on Skidplate's foot.

Island Dash[]

Flaming Jumps[]

Hale's Kart Scratch.jpg

In the pre-race cutscene, Tag accidentally scratches Hale's Kart while he is being introduced. Hale disapproves Tag for this as he likes his kart being clean.

Tag declines Uncle Richard's Contract.

After the race, Uncle Richard shows up again, tring to get Tag to sign his contract. However, the Chief disapproves of this, and Tag doesn't sign the contract. However, the case pops up after being closed a few times.

The Range Tour[]

Wild Run[]

Tag attacks a Racer.

In the pre-race cutscene, Tag is shown attacking a Racer using a Bolt Weapon.

Market Run[]

Biff Glorifies the Range Tour.jpg

Before the race, Gary announces the Range Tour. Gary also shows the sponsor, however Biff said it is boring. Gary gives in to Biff, who glorifies the Range Tour announcement.

Fade is introduced.

In the pre-race cutscene, Biff and Gary announce the Track.

Craggy Hills[]

In the pre-race cutscene, Gary explains that the steep mountain road confuses racers. Biff then continues where Gary left off and shows the boulders, s-curves, and the ravine, commenting that "how could you forget the ravine?" Gary replies and said that he was summarizing the Track, and Biff insults him by summing Gary up with "Gary Raisins, small, shivered, pathetic."

File:Iceman Introduction.jpg

Gary then introduces Iceman.

The Chief explains that one shot in the right place will destroy Tag's Boom Box.

In the post-race cutscene, the Chief explains that one shot in the right place will destroy Tag's Boom Box. Tag's Mother then comes in and asks the Chief if Tag could use the Chief's old "weapons thingie", saying that it must have survived the wreak if was so indestructible. The Chief replies that "if I still had one, don't you think I'ld still be racing?" He also corrects Mother about the "weapons thingie" and says that it's called a Boom Box.

Rickety Bridge[]

Scout is introduced.

Gary introduces Scout.

Drift Paradise[]

In the pre-race cutscene, Gary tries to explain what the Track is. However, Biff remarks that when he thinks of a paridise, it "always involves you not talking." He then goes to interrupting Gary three times in a row by blurting out "iff" before Gary can get past "This Track features..." in his sentences.

Jez is introduced.

Gary introduces Jez by saying that "she isn't the nicest driver". Jez then trips over and falls to the ground.

The Chief is shown repairing Tag's Kart.

After Tag wins and beaten Jez, The Chief is shown repairing Tag's Kart. He likes peace and quiet while repairing the kart, so he knocks the Radio receiver, disabling it. He then repairs it without distractions.

The Chief notices the ticking box on Tag's Kart.

While repairing the Kart, he notices a strange ticking noise coming from below Tag's Kart. A black box with a blinking red light is then shown on screen and the ticking is louder than the scenes before it, confirming that the box is an explosive that is about to destroy Tag's Kart, and the ticking noise is coming from the bomb. However, the Chief doesn't know it is an explosive. The explosive sets off and explodes, and the screen fades to black.

The Chief got trapped by a red box.

After the screen recovers, the Chief thought that he was safe. Unfortunately, a red box falls on the Chief, injuring him and he becomes trapped on the floor. The radio falls on his left foot, and one of the metal bars fall on the red box, injuring him even more and sending him into a coma.

Mother was worried that something bad happened to Tag's Kart. Unfortunately, she discovers that the Chief is in a coma trapped under red boxes. Tag's Kart is damaged, and the Boom Box it needs to operate is destroyed completely with no traces of it left, eliminating any hope of repair.

Tag is sad because he can't race anymore.

During the daytime, Mother reveals to Tag what happened to his kart, his Boom Box, and the Chief, who is shown in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, a new Boom Box Advanced Weapons System costs a fortune, and the MRC crew can only give a racer one of them for free. Mother then asked Tag if he had a problem with selling Mother's Paint Shop to get enough cash to pay for a new Boom Box. Tag didn't want her to do that.

File:Richard Short walks up to Mother.jpg

Richard Short walks up to Mother.

As if they somehow knew what Tag wanted, Richard Short and his assistant appeared and gave Tag an offer to sign a contract. He explained what Tag will get if he signed his contract. Conservative Motors will give Tag a new Kart to race with, an outfit to match Richard's Kart, a new Boom Box, and Richard Short as the replacement for the Chief. Mother reminded Tag that she could sell Mother's Paint Shop to get a Boom Box (but Tag's Kart would still need to be somehow repaired by the Chief or another mechanic that repairs karts). Richard unintentionally insulted Mother by replying with "Or run to Mommy," but then retracted with "no offense."

File:Tag signs Richard Short's Contract.jpg

Tag signs Uncle Richard's Contract.

Tag signed the Contract, allowing Tag to race. Tag didn't know at the time that this was a plot set by Richard Short to get him to sponsor for Conservative Motors.

The Grim Tour[]


Gary Reasons fakes Biff using a puppet and introduces the Island Tour. When he notices the real Biff Tradwell in the room, he puts down the puppet, and reveals to everyone that Tag is sponsoring Conservative Motors.

After Tag sponsored CM, Richard Short acted as the replacement for the Chief.

During the race, Richard reveals to Tag he does not know anything about racing, but he knows winning well.


People are annoyed that Tag is sponsoring CM.

After the race, a Tag Fan is shown to drop his blue hand and kick Tag, suggesting that he dislikes Tag sponsoring CM. Richard's Assistant is shown to put CM where it says Tag on the hand, and the crowd boos in response, showing CM's bad reputation.

Switchback Valley[]

Shadow teleports.

In the pre-race cutscene, Shadow is introduced. She scares Tag by teleporting to him.

CM Tag with Mother.

After the race, Mother wanted Tag to stop racing for CM. She said that "Tag was never born to race for CM", implying that she has a dislike for CM or dislikes Tag sponsoring it. The Chief recovers from his coma, and Mother explains to him Tag is sponsoring CM.

Chief then reveals that he lied about the Boom Box being destroyed in the crash, and said he respected Tag for continuing to race even without him. He then says that Tag now has to "race the right way, your way", implying that The Chief also dislikes Tag sponsoring for CM, just like everyone else. In response to the general dislike of CM, Tag breaks up with CM on the Chief's command.

Lost Temple[]

File:Gary Break Up.jpg

Before the race, Gary reveals to the public that Tag has broken up with CM.

Just before the race, the Chief comments that "normal operation has resumed".



Rumble Island[]

Launcher's Rush[]

The Grand Tour[]

Dire Cliffs[]

File:Dire Cliffs Introduction.jpg


File:Breakwater Introduction.jpg

Rumble Jungle[]

File:Rumble Jungle Introduction.jpg

Citadel Heights[]

File:Citadel Introduction.jpg


File:Fracture Introduction.jpg

Mt. Pain[]

File:Mt. Pain Introduction.jpg

Crazy Crater[]

File:Crazy Crater Introduction.jpg

File:Tag Wins the MRC.jpg

After Tag won the race, Mother and The Chief celebrates Tag winning the MRC.

A group shot with Mother and Tag.

A third group shot with Mother, Tag, and the Chief.

Mother shoots some pictures to celebrate Tag's victory. Mother and Tag is shown together in the first shot. In the second shot, Mother is shown. In the third shot, Mother, Tag, and the Chief is shown all holding hands in the air.

Uncle Richard is suddenly arrested.

Uncle Richard arrives. He goes to explain that he was unable to watch the race in person, but he got constant text messages from his assistant. With Tag winning the MRC, Uncle Richard believes that he won it as well because Tag signed his contract. He then goes into a dramatic camera pose with dramatic music that implies that he was an antagonist, when suddenly without warning a ModNation Police Department Police Officer arrests and strangles him.

File:Police Officer replying to Richard.jpg

Richard Short is shown stuck on the ground. It appears that Richard planted the bomb on Tag's Kart.

The Police Officer reveals Uncle Richard's last name, Richard Short. Uncle Richard said "Who's asking?" to the Police Officer, who then reveals that Richard Short put fingerprints on the Bomb on Tag's Kart that destroyed it's Boom Box and damaged The Chief, proving he was the one that planted it. He even jokes that Richard's "Partnership, bombed". Richard then insults his assistant by saying "Somebody's getting fired for this!", and Mother insults Richard by calling him "Ricky" and Richard disapproves of the name he was given.


Gary is shown to break Biff's neck.

Another MRC cutscene plays and Gary gets his revenge by breaking Biff's neck, knocking him out. He says Tag changed what it means to be a true racer, and that he is getting into the spirit of things. He then says Espresso doesn't like losing and he shows a clip that reveals Espresso's attempt to steal the Trophy that Tag won fairly.

Espresso attempts to steal the Trophy that Tag won fairly.

In the clip, Espresso at first celebrated Tag wining the Trophy, but suddenly started running with the trophy, tring to get away with a fake victory and a Trophy. He was knocked into turn three of Mod Circuit by the Chief, who picked up Tag's Trophy in the air. The Chief gets his revenge on Espresso ending his career with the statement "How does turn three feel now, storfaly?"

Gary's Revenge 2.jpg

After the clip runs out, Biff Tradwell recovers and asked what happened, but Gary Reasons gets revenge on him again, breaking his neck a second time. He then says goodbye to everyone.