Zorku is a custom ModNation Racers Mod.


Zorku has red cat ears and skin and black, long-ish hair, and has a fang smile. His primary attire contains a black and red handkerchief around his neck, a black T-shirt and a white long sleeve shirt underneath it, blue jeans, and red and black sneakers; however, he has a more relaxed attire (no shirt, goggles, shoes or handkerchief; also, three chevrons are visible: one on his chest, and the other two on his sides) and a racing attire (a futuristic-looking helmet w/ his goggles and red, gold and black racing attire). He also has a D-Generation X version of his main attire, of which the logo on the front of his shirt is removed and replaced with "D-X" and added another "D-Generation X" logo on his back, his handkerchief was changed from black and red to black and green, and the bottom of the shoes and his shoelaces, which were previously red, are now green. He owns a LOT of karts (almost 30, with different variations of some) and is still making more, all with his signature design on each side of the kart and license plate.

His ThoughtsEdit

  • Zorku believes that Nato's lack of placement in the Grand Tour affected and severely dropped his position on the B.I.F.F. List.
  • Even though he doesn't actually know, Zorku thinks that Jez's placement in the Grand Tour and Nato's lack of placement in it is actually a mix-up.
  • D-Generation X is awesome. :3


D-Generation X Kart

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Other Mods in CrewEdit

Right-hand Man: Ranvako

Mechanic: Aktu

Member 1: Ashieria

Member 2: -to be updated-

Member 3: -to be updated-

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