Max Speed Points are a point system in Modnation Racers. They awarded when a player stays at their kart's maximum speed. They are used for some objectives in Career Mode.


  • The main key is to configure your kart properly. To do this go to the ModSpot and press R1. Then, configure your Driver Style so you have +2 in Acceleration in the Acceleration vs. Speed bar. This adjustment allows you to obtain more Max Speed Points by helping you reach your max speed faster. The smaller your max speed is compared to your acceleration, the sooner you will be at your top speed. Although your max speed will be smaller compared to the other racers you should have no problem winning.
  • Try to run in a straight line using boost. At that moment move the wheel the least possible.
  • Try avoiding crashing into walls, as this will you slow down, and may even cause you to go the wrong way. Also, successful Sideswipe attacks on you will also slow you down.
  • Focus on obtaining Boost Points. Obtain it by Drifting, Drafting, getting Airtime, Spinning, and taking down opponents (with Sideswipe attacks, Weapons, and Secondaries).