Tag's Kart

Tag racing in his Kart.

Karts are the vehicles that Mods drive when racing in the ModNation Racers series. Players can create Karts in Kart Studio.


Karts can be customized similarly to Mods, but the parts that can be placed are different. Stickers are placed very similarly on Karts as on Mods, however the regions where Stickers can be placed are different, and the areas of these regions are different on each Kart Body.

Parts of a KartEdit

Boom Box Advanced Weapons SystemEdit

Karts come equipped with the supposed to be indestructible Boom Box Advanced Weapons System that allow you to fire Weapons after picking up Item Pods. These weapons upgrade to level two or three when collecting multiple Item Pods (except in the PSP version of this game), allowing your weapons to help you more.

The Boom Box may also be giving the kart the ability to store up to twenty thousand (or 60,000 in the PSP version) Boost Points from Drifting, Drafting, Airtime, successful attacks, and Orange Boost Pads. Boost Points are required to Boost, Shield against Weapon and Sideswipe attacks, Sideswipe other racers (except in ModNation Racers: Road Trip), and Bolt Shot Triggers and ModBots.

In the PS3 version and ModNation Racers: Road Trip, when you are attacked, your Weapon downgrades a level (or disappears altogether if it is already at level one) and you lose a slight amount of Boost Points. If you Reset by pressing the Select button, your weapon gets lost altogether no matter what. In the PSP version, if you get reset, you lose all your Boost Points instead.

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