Jez is a female Elite Mod in ModNation Racers and is the champion of the Range Tour. She first appears in the Track Drift Paradise, and she appears in all the races of the Grand Tour.

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Jez and Shadow are the only female Elite Mods (along with Astro Kitty in the PSP version).

In her introduction in the Drift Paradise Track, Gary Reasons called Jez "not the nicest racer." To defeat Jez, you must get a higher score than her in her Grudge Match on Drift Paradise.

At the pre-race cutscene of Fracture, a group of sheep suddenly appeared and blocked off the Start Line. Jez forced them to move away to allow the race to start.


Jez is considered to be very Competitive and Cocky



It appears that Jez and Tag have some kind of mischief chemistry with each other. Evidence of this is shown in the Grand Tour, where Tag and Jez are found interacting with each other, in forms of accidents or pranks.

This is shown in the pre-race cutscenes of Drift Paradise, Breakwater, Rumble Jungle, Citadel Heights, and Mt. Pain.

  • In the pre-race cutscene of Drift Paradise, Jez tripped after she checked out Tag and his Kart in disapproval.
  • In the pre-race cutscene of Breakwater, Tag bumped into Jez's kart as he cheered to the crowd.
  • In the pre-race cutscene of Rumble Jungle, Tag is shown picking his nose. Jez looks at Tag in disgust.
  • In the pre-race cutscene of Citadel Heights, Jez honked on Tag's horn (while he was sleeping), which caused him to drive off and bump into Diablo, thinking the race had already started.
  • In the pre-race cutscene of Mt. Pain, Jez stole Tag's 4th place starting spot by knocking him back to 6th place spot.


Jez has purple skin, pink hair, eyes with cyan eyeliner, and a mouth similar to that of Aloha. She also wears a standard racing suit with floral decals.


  • According to a message at the end of the Drift Paradise intro, she races because 'daddy hates it.'
  • Surprisingly, Jez is not on the B.I.F.F List, even though she has some fans (found in the pre-cutscene of Dire Cliffs). She even races in the Crazy Crater track.
  • United Front Games, the company who developed ModNation Racers, like to say that Jez teaches Tag how to drift and wall ride, since you race her on a track full of drifts and rideable walls.


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