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Island Dash in ModNation Racers.

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Island Dash is a Track in the game ModNation Racers. It is the third race in the Mayhem Tour, and it is located on an island off the coast of the Mainland. Wildcard appears as the Elite Mod for this course.

Career Mode stats[]

Base Best Lap: ?
Base Best Time: ?

Advance: Finish 3rd or Better

Rewards: Construction Helmet Headgear, Safety Pin, Money Top

Payoff: Finish 1st; Get 4000 Airtime Points

Rewards: Fastback body, Low tilt suspension, Dragster wheels

Bonus: Finish 1st; Take Down Wildcard

Rewards: Florida Eyewear, Half Burn, Sign Overpass, Chopper Prop

Grudge Match: Beat Wildcard 1-on-1

Rewards: Unknown, ?, ?, ?, ?


  • This track's internal name is "MOTOISLAND".