Iceman is one of the many Elite Mods (and the second elite mod Tag faces n the Range Tour to be precise). He has a viking helmet with horns and a yellow skull which suggests he is a barbarian with a cold theme added to him. He also enjoys dancing, as proven by the pre-cutscene of Craggy Hills, and on a billboard of him (a prop for your tracks), he is is shown dancing. He even likes to hear opera in his spare time.

In Career ModeEdit

Craggy Hills is Iceman's hometrack, and he is said to know the track so good, he can even race it backwards. In order to race him in a Grudge Match, you must complete all the challenges for his course Craggy Hills. He is a fan favorite, being number 6 on the B.I.F.F List. In the pre-race cutscene of Craggy Hills, he is shown breakdancing, and when he finishes, Tag does the robot, of which Iceman shakes his head disappointingly.



  • Iceman is possibly a reference to Finnish Formula 1 racer Kimi Raikkonen.
  • Iceman also endorses entirely frozen beverages via billboards.

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