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Ice Breaker in ModNation Racers.

Ice Breaker is a Track in ModNation Racers. It it an Arctic Themed Track, and is the fifth track of the Arctic Tour.

There are many different paths to take on this Track. The Track is wide in some places and thin on other spots, and it also has a lot of turns, making it a good technical track.

There are very few Item Pods, making it hard for players to upgrade his and her Weapons. One shortcut is blocked by a row of exploding barrels. There are no Mega Jump Props, and there is one nice hazard zone with small barrels being dropped around a big sweeping left turn with a pit on the inside.

This PS3 Track (Ice Breaker) has a published versionnamed Ice Breaker (DLC). This is available to download on ModNation Racers: Road Trip.
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