Hale is one of the Elite Mods of the MRC and is the champion of the course Flaming Jumps.

In Career ModeEdit

He is a racer in the final race of the Mayhem Tour. He is a Spartan themed racer, who seems to be obsessed with polishing his possessions. One example is when he is polishing his kart, and gets upset when Tag scratches it trying to find a position. He even uses his own helmet to polish stuff. He seems to have a bit of a sassy nature, as he told reporters that he will make soup out of "newbie Tag". He also thinks he's the ruler of all things. The objective of his Grudge Match is to come first in a race against him and his thugs. Tag races him again later when he returns at the Grand Tour. In the pre-race cutscene of Flaming Jumps, Hale is checking out his newly-polished kart when Tag backs up, scraping on Hale's kart's right side.


  • Hale is one of the two elite mods who does not pull a prank or trash talks to Tag, the other is Slick.


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