ModNation™ Racers 5

Modobahn, a Track in the Grim Tour of ModNation Racers.

The Grim Tour is the next 8 tracks in Career Mode.

In this tour, Tag is now companied with Conservative Motors due to Richard Short's Bomb being planted in Tag's Kart. Tag will be in the CM racing suit and drives the bland kart while Richard Short is the substitute for the Chief. This only lasts in the first 3 tracks during this tour where Chief recovers from the coma and Tag breaks out with CM.


The Grim Tour consists of the tracks Modobahn, Sandstorm, Switchback Valley, Lost Temple, Sinkhole, Marina, Rumble Island, and Launcher's Rush.

The Elite Mods that are seen are Slick, Shadow, Aloha, Nato, Dyno, Dolor, and Diablo.

The other Mods racing in the Grim Tour include Harry, Astro Kitty, PJ, Captain Venus, Gill, Shaman, Bionic, A.N.T., Gargles, Nails, and Abranda.

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