Gold Freddy is a secret animatronic character from the inide horror game, Five nights at Freddy's. He is not counted as an actual animatronic by many due to him not behaving like the other animatronic characters and has to be manually activated. Gold Freddy can be activated on any night, but the chances of successful activation increases on each night. When summoned, he will flash hallucinations on-screen. After that, he will be sitting in the office with the player. You must open your camera for a few seconds and close it again for him to leave. If he is not dealt with, he will jump at the player after a while and crash the game, although it is unknown why he crashes the game.

Gold Freddy was made playable for ModNation Racers by tretheking99.


The mod bears resemblance to KaiserVlad123's Freddy Fazbear, but not entirely, due to said Mod not being able to be remixed by other users. He has non-metallic gold skin, scratches all over, pitch-black eyes with what appears to be mucus leaking from them, and a black bow-tie and top hat.


  • In Five nights at Freddy's, Gold Freddy's top hat and bow-tie are blue. However, they're black on the mod, similar to the original Freddy Fazbear.
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