Gary Reasons

A screenshot of Gary Reasons.

Gary, an MRC race commentator, along with Biff Tradwell. Gary is a very optimistic person who is constantly punned with insults from Biff. Gary also prompts with most of the tutorials.


  • "Karting fans and drivers alike are getting revved up for tomorrow's season qualifier."
  • "Actually, Biff. It's Reasons. Gary Reasons."
  • "Welcome to the first race of the seaon, where ModNation's best will attempt to qualify for the Home Tour!"
  • "Actually, Biff, that figure might be slightly exaggerated."
  • "The former graffiti artist turned MRC contender has a secret weapon - a crew chief with a familiar face to cart historians, a veteran racer himself, Chief's career ended tragically with a king size wreck in turn three of the championship race twenty-five years ago."
  • "We don't know why the Chief has decided to come back after all these years, but whatever the reason, Tag is in good hands."
  • "The Home Tour begins now! The winner of the tour will earn a parts package, sponsored by The Chickenator. Cock-a-doodle-doom!"
  • "Welcome to Farm Frenzy, where racers will fly by some of the cutest farm animals in the world."
  • "Sure Biff, they're..."
  • "But they're sheep, Biff."
  • "You might want to loosen your tie, Biff."
  • "Let's go trackside where we've got an excellent group of drivers this year. These are top athletes, Biff, in peak mental and physical condition."
  • "Love 'em or hate 'em, he's even cracked our coveted Beyond Incredible Fan Favorite list."
  • "Anyway, he's a long way from topping last year's champion, Espresso. But don't count this rookie out. Even this reported is getting into the spirit of things."
  • "We're here at the Village Run, our first city course of the season."
  • "I don't know if that's really going to be a problem on a racetrack. Plus...uh...It's daytime."
  • "The drivers are in their karts and ready to go."
  • "That's not what 'great' means, Biff."
  • "This is it, folks. The Marina."
  • "No, Biff. I'm done."
  • "No matter what I say, no matter what I do, you find a way to mock me."
  • "Is that an apology?"
  • "Actually, Biff, I think you said that backwar-"
  • "Actually, there's several other races on the-"
  • "Can I just finish one-?
  • "We're at track level for an exclusive interview with Tag."
  • "What's he got up in his sleeve?"
  • "Espresso wants the attention alright."
  • "Today we are here at Rumblay Island."


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  • Right after Tag wins the Grand Tour, Gary manages to knock Biff out twice by pinching his neck (A.K.A. a Star Trek "Vuclan Nerve Punch") and finally freely speaks.
  • When the player gets 4000 air points on Rumble Island, he will say "Some call it flying, some call it falling with style." This is probably a reference to the movie Toy Story.


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