Gary Reasons is one of the MRC’s main commentators.

Appearance Edit

Gary Reasons is a Mod with red skin, blue eyes and brown hair. He also wears black glasses and a black, yellow and white tuxedo.

Description Edit

Gary Reasons works for the MRC as one of the main commentators, alongside Biff Tradwell. He is the voice of reason in the world of commentating (hence his name), but is constantly ridiculed and cut off by his colleague Biff.

Trivia Edit

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  • Right after Tag wins the Grand Tour, Gary manages to knock Biff out twice by pinching his neck (A.K.A. a Star Trek "Vuclan Nerve Punch") and finally freely speaks.
  • When the player gets 4000 air points on Rumble Island, he will say "Some call it flying, some call it falling with style." This is probably a reference to the movie Toy Story.


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