ModNation™ Racers 23

Flaming Jumps

Flaming Jumps is a course in the game ModNation Racers. It is the fourth and final race of The Mayhem Tour, and the first new course the player gets after completing the Advance achievement. Hale appears as the Elite Mod for this course. Contrary to popular belief, Hale's minions, on this course, do not fly.

Language Name Meaning
SpanishSaltos ardientesFlaming Jumps

Base Best Lap: ?

Base Best Time: ?

Advance: Finish 1st

Rewards: Flaming Jumps, Castle, Stone Wall, Stone Tower, Windmill, Clock Tower, Cow Spray, Heroic Statue, Stone Archway, Rural Spray, Farm Silo

Payoff: Finish 1st; Take down 3 opponents

Rewards: Mods (11), Karts (11), Corsa Body, Mid Drop Suspension, Shield Wheels

Bonus: Finish 1st; Take down Hale in front of the Grandstands

Rewards: Nightmare Gloves, Bottoms, Tops, Footwear, Tomboy Voice

Grudge Match: Finish 1st

Rewards: Hale, Hale's Kart, Stickers (18), Spartan Helmet, Spiked Pads

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