Fade is an Elite Mod in ModNation Racers. He resembles the Grim Reaper, with an addition of horns across his face.

In Career ModeEdit

Fade is the first elite mod Tag faces in The Range Tour. He is the champion racer of the track "Market Run". In his Grudge Match, you have to beat him and his fellow thugs. He is said to be the stealthiest of racers, often going completely unoticed by other racers, hence his name. In his spare time, Fade collects spiders, snake skins, and insects. He also resembles a zombie because of his skin.

He and his minions know the Market Run really well, as they trolled through the streets for a long time. He is also a fan favorite, being number 5 on the B.I.F.F List. Tag faces him again later, where he returns in the Grand Tour. In the pre-race cutscene for Market Run, he is seen stealthily jumping around Tag's kart while Tag looks at where Fade was just beforehand. He also stars in a movie called Baby Seat as seen in a Big City Billboard Prop.


  • Fade has been known to scare other Mods as well. He was once asked to leave a restaurant for being "too scary".
  • Fade thinks that the Grim Reaper is his own father, but there is no current evidence to prove it.


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