Espresso is an Elite Mod in ModNation Racers, and is the current Champion of the ModNation Racing Championship. He would do anything he can to win the MRC again, including threatening Tag's life. He is the secondary antagonist in ModNation Racers.

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Monkeyatto, Espresso's pet Monkey.

In the post-Boardwalk video, it shows that Espresso's pet monkey, Monkeyatto, is trained to attack other Mods at his will. Like all Elite Mods, Espresso has a Grudge Match, but his is a little different from other Elite Mods and is only in ModNation Racers PSP. He drives an F1-Style Kart, and likes other exotic karts. He sponsors for the ModNation company, Speedwagon.

He is the maker of the SUX-600D (which is currently and will be only available as a radio-controlled model kart) and is the main antagonist of this racing game.

Espresso was also responsible for ending The Chief's career as a racer. In the pre-race cutscene of Crazy Crater, Espresso throws a tire at Tag's head while he gets an interview with Jill Vasquez, then taunts him again after the camera looks at him.

Espresso was responsible for end the Chief's career as a racer with a sideswipe at the turn 3 in Crazy Crater. He was planing to also Sideswipe Tag into the same wall, just as he had done to Cheif years before.


Espresso is yellow in color. He wears a green aero helmet, a green and red circus shirt, and matching pants. He also sports a gold neck chain with his logo on it.


  • In ModNation Racers for the PlayStation Portable, his Grudge Match has an added condition to win; you must swideswipe him before you complete the race.
  • In the PS3 Version, Espresso has no Grudge Match whatsoever.
  • It is important to note that the SUX-600D and Espresso's Kart are two different vehicles altogether.
  • It is possible that Espresso may have been in the circus before becoming a racer. This is because he wears clown pants, has a pet monkey dressed like a circus man, and circus music comes on in different cutscenes with him in them.
  • Espresso has a cupholder in his kart, and there is a coffee cup in it, presumably filled with espresso.
  • Espresso may possibly be of Italian descent, as he speaks with an Italian accent in the cutscenes, as well as references Italian dishes in his dialogue.
  • In the PSP Version, Espresso's Kart has jet engines instead of the engine it uses in the PS3 version.
  • He also got punched by the Chief after stealing the Trophy in the end cutscene.


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