Dyno is an Elite Mod, and champ of the course Marina. You have to beat him in score for his Grudge Match.

In Career ModeEdit

According to the game guide, Dyno is a loner and has made no friends in the MRC due to his sassy and rude attitude, and he thinks winning is more important than making friends.

His rude nature is shown in the pre-race cutscene for Marina. Here, Dyno stands next to Tag's kart, then points to somewhere and Tag turns in the direction he points. He then breaks the Steering Wheel off of Tag's Kart.

He is possibly an actor too, playing a lion in a children's play. He is most known for being the 16th descendent of Genghis Khan.

Dyno, Slick and Nato are the only Elite Mods who do not reappear in the Grand Tour in the PS3 Version.

Trivia Edit

In the online minigame, Dyno is known as "Hawaii", and is driving Aloha's kart.


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