Drillbit is one of the Elite Mods who has a mine worker theme, and he appears in the course Miner's Rift

In Career ModeEdit

He was the first elite mod that Tag races, not only in Mayhem Tour, but in the entire MRC. Drillbit likes explosives, and he is actually crazy about them (although not as much as Nato). in The pre-cutscene for Miner's Rift (his home track), he sticks explosives in others karts, and blows them up as he walks up to his kart. He seems to be favored by many MRC fans, being number 4 on the B.I.F.F List, only topped by Espresso, Nato, and Wildcard (later by Tag, Espresso, and Wildcard). You have to get a higher score than him in his Grudge Match. Tag races him again later, when he returns in the Grand Tour.


Drillbit in his Kart.


He has a missing eye and ear, likely to have happened while mining, or possibly due to an explosion. Another piece of evidence that Drillbit loves explosives is the stick of dynamite in his helmet, as well as his "explosive" personality.


  • Drillbit may have originally been a construction worker, as a construction mod can be shown while changing the theme of a track, or auto sculpting. This mod has a similar kart, clothes, eyes, mouth, and it even has an eyepatch and a missing ear.
  • A message in the Miner's Rift cutscene says he quit construction to destroy karts for real.


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