ModNation™ Racers 6

Drift Paradise

Drift Paradise is the final race in The Range Tour. The track is a snaking road full of chances to drift and ride the banked walls. Jez, the track champ and Elite Mod of the track, is said to be teaching Tag some advanced drifting and wallriding in this track.

Best Lap: ?
Best Time: ?

Advance: Finish 1st

Reward: Drift Paradise (Track), Oil Tower (Prop), Camel Spray (Prop), Desert Tower (Prop), Wall Gate (Prop), Wall Corner (Prop), Wall (Prop), Desert Ruin 6 (Prop), Mud Hut 3 (Prop), Dome Building (Prop), Oil Derrick (Prop)

Payoff: Finish 1st

Get 4,000 Wallride Points

Reward: Bruzer (Mod), Bruzer's Kart (Kart), Breakout (Body), High Tilt (Suspension), Flower Power (Wheels)

Bonus: Finish 1st

Get 140,000 Drift Points

Reward: Test Dummy (Handwear), Test Dummy (Bottoms), Test Dummy (Tops), Test Dummy (Footwear), Stale (Odds 'N Ends), Indie (Voice)

Grudge Match: Get higher score than Jez

Reward: Jez (Elite Mod), Jez's Kart (Elite Kart), Khon 1 (Sticker), Biker (Handwear), Shaded Helmet (Headgear)

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