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Downhill Peak in ModNation Racers.

Downhill Peak is a Track in ModNation Racers. The track is of the Arctic Theme and is in the Arctic Tour.

Track DetailsEdit

The track path is very basic and wide, and is not technical. There are three Mega Jumps on the track, all of them are very long jumps. Each jump has enough Airtime for players to spin at least four to five complete Spins and land correctly.

The downhill slalom area of the track has irregular S turns with the wall rides on the outside, Boost Pads scattered in various spots and a couple small rows of Item Pods.

No hazards can be found on the track.

This PS3 Track (Downhill Peak) has a published versionnamed Downhill Peak (DLC). This is available to download on ModNation Racers: Road Trip.

In Career ModeEdit

Downhill Peak Career Mode Stats
Loading Description Unknown
Cutscene Description Unknown
Best Time: Unknown
Best Lap: Unknown
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