Dolor (Spanish for 'pain') is an Elite Mod, and a professional wrestler (a former and/or retired luchador), as shown by his cutscene, when he attacks Tag and Harry. He's also the 2nd to last elite mod of the Grim Tour.

In Career ModeEdit

Dolor is the champion of the track "Rumble Island". Dolor's favorite ice cream flavor is pork. He also seems to be starting a rap career, as one of the props, for created tracks, is a billboard of him advertising his debut album titled "Straight from the Hood".

To gain access to Dolor's Grudge Match, you must finish 1st with 4000 airtime points at least once and finish 1st and sideswipe Dolor in the village at least once. You have to beat him 1 on 1 for his Grudge Match.

In the pre-race cutscene, he is crouched behind his kart as Tag and Harry walk by, possibly talking, when he jumps out and begins using professional wrestling moves on Tag.


  • In the PSP version, he appears to be called "Dolar" instead of "Dolor", probably a misspelling.
  • Dolor has different eyes and skin on the cover of the American version of ModNation Racers.
  • If Dolor is remixed in Mod Studio, players will find that his mask cannot be removed.

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