Diablo is the last Elite Mod before Espresso. He is the champ of the course Launcher's Rush, and the champion of The Grim Tour.

In Career ModeEdit

In his Grudge Match, you have to beat him and his 9 thugs. He is a devil-themed racer, and enjoys hobbies such as base jumping, as seen in the Launcher's Rush pre-cutscene. His body temperature is a fiery 103.1 degrees, and his middle name is Eugene. He is also a fan favorite, being number 8 on the The B.I.F.F List. Tag races Diablo again, later when he returns at the Grand Tour.

In the pre-race cutscene of Launcher's Rush, Harry and Tag are standing near Diablo's kart, probably talking when a fireball appears from the sky, causing Tag and Harry to move as Diablo lands on his kart on his back, and rolls off his kart. He also makes Diablo hot sauce.

Rivalry with NatoEdit

Diablo has a huge rivalry with the soldier, Nato. In fact, they have known each other since they were children. According to the game guide, Nato has been living in Diablo's shadow for years. At the opening cutscene of the ModNation Racers career mode, a clip was shown of Nato and Diablo racing on tricycles as little kids, Diablo fires a slingshot at Nato, the smoke from his tires then transitions them as adults in their present karts. This may prove that Diablo and Nato's rivalry is a friendly rivalry, or they may have been friends once and later became enemies.


  • Like Nato, Diablo is a pyschopath. This is proven because he knocked a racer out and laughed about it for 13 hours straight. It's possible that Nato may have gotten his craziness from him, or vice-versa. Some say they were probably both insane from the very beginning.
  • Apparently, Diablo is scary, as in the messages in the pre-race cutscene include that the finish line disappeared because it's too scared of Diablo to stay.


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