ModNation™ Racers 8

Craggy Hills in ModNation Racers.

Craggy Hills is a Track in the game ModNation Racers it is the third course of the Range Tour. It is a climb-and-descent-type course, and Iceman is the Elite Mod for this course.

In Career ModeEdit

Craggy Hills Career Mode Stats
Loading Description Unknown
Cutscene Description Unknown
Best Time: 3:20:000
Best Lap: 1:04:000
Achievement Details

Finish 3rd or better
Craggy Hills PSP Icon (Track), Super Elastic (Gloves), Super Elastic (Footwear)

Finish 1st

Get 10,000 Road Points
Fresco (Body), Mid Tilt (Suspension), V Spoke (Wheels)

Finish 1st

No wall hits for full race
Super Elastic (Headgear), Blimp (Prop), Cherry Picker (Prop), Super Elastic (Bottoms), Super Elastic (Tops)|-

Grudge Match (Iceman)

Get higher score than Iceman
Iceman (Elite Mod), Iceman's Kart (Elite Kart), Antler (Odds 'N Ends), Barbarian Helmet (Headgear), Monkey (Animal)


  • A message says that a hunchbacked creatures lives in nearby caves gaurding a ring, a reference to gollum from Lord of the Rings.


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