Conservative Motors.

Conservative Motors (or CM for short) is a kart company owned by Richard Short, Tag's uncle. It is most likely ModNation's equivalent to a typical economy car company in real life, having made karts known to be "bland and tasteless".


The company was owned by Richard Short before he got arrested for the bomb that destroyed Tag's Kart to force him to sign his contract at the end of the Career Mode. It is not known who currently owns CM.

The company's motto, "We put the ordinary in extraordinary", is a self-reference to describe their bland taste in karts, and they seem to have little interest in their motorsports development. The B008S Sedan is seemingly their only production model, and is only available in cream, and pale blue.

The company is shown to have a bad reputation in the Grim Tour, as Tag‘s fans are shown to boo at Richard's Assistant replacing Tag on a hand with CM.


  • Conservative Motors has a name resemblance to General Motors, a real-life motor company well experienced in the economy car biz, and could be based off General Motors. However, CM lacks the vast number of subsidary companies, and occasional performance car production that forms the basis of real-life GM. The fact that GM has never produced a car under General Motors' nameplate (They usually put it under one or multiple of their subsidary companies' names, since most of them were independant businesses at one point) further differentiates the two.
  • It is unknown what happened to the company after Richard Short got arrested with his Bomb Trick. It may have been taken down by the police (which is more likely), or it was brought by another mod (which may not be true because the career ends when he gets arrested).
  • Although the only known colours that Conservative Motors karts come in are cream and pale blue, Richard Short can be seen in a cutscene angrily shouting on the phone insisting that he must have pale purple, which implies that there may be another colour that the B008S Sedan or a different CM kart comes in.


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