Boosting PSP

A player boosting using the Supercharger in the PSP game.

Boosting is a method to increase the speed at which a racer is driving at. Usually, boosting is peformed manually by using up Boost Points which are earned by drifting, drafting, getting long air time and spinning well, and by enemy takedowns using sideswipes or weapons. There are also Boost Pads that when driven over give you a fixed period of boost. A weapon titled the Supercharger exists that also gives a fixed amount of boost period, and in the PlayStation 3 game and Road Trip, they can be upgraded as well to first increase the length of the boost, and then turn into a warp portal that instantaneously brings the user forward along the track.

In the PS3 game, you can boost by pressing the L1 button. In ModNation Racers for the PlayStation Portable the default button for boosting is the triangle button and in Road Trip the default is the square button, but in both games it is possible to modify the controls to a different scheme.

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