Boost Bar

The Boost Bar, showing how much Boost Points the player has.

Boost Points (or Boost) are gained by Drifting, successful Sideswipe Takedowns and Weapon attacks, Drafting, Airtime, and Spining. Boosting on command uses boost at a fixed rate. Some other actions also require boost points to use.

In ModNation Racers and ModNation Racers: Road Trip, players can store up to twenty-thousand Boost Points. In ModNation Racers for the PlayStation Portable, players can store up to sixty-thousand Boost Points instead and actions require a different amount than in the other games.

How to gain Boost PointsEdit


Successful Sideswipes give you 3750 Boost Points for each racer you successfully hit.

  1. Successful Sideswipes give you 3750 points for each racer you successfully hit.
  2. Being in the air for long enough will give you boost when you land. Longer airtime earns you more boost than short airtime.
  3. Drifting will give you boost when you exit the drift. Longer drifts earns you more boost than short drifts.
  4. Drafting will gradually give you boost points.
  5. Spining in the air, then landing facing the same direction as when you went into the air (a successful spin) will give you 2,500 points for each full 360 degree spin (5,000 points in ModNation Racers PSP).

How to lose Boost PointsEdit

  1. Unsuccessful Sideswipes will waste the 2,500 points you used (ModNation Racers and ModNation Racers PSP only, in ModNation Racers PSP sideswipes require 10,000 boost points.)
  2. Getting hit by Weapons and other Resets caused by Props on the track (lose 1,000 points in PS3 game and Road Trip)
  3. Resets caused by your kart exploding will reset your Boost Point count to zero (ModNation Racers PSP only)

Useage of Boost PointsEdit

  1. Boosting uses up Boost at a fixed rate.
  2. Shielding to protect against attacks requires boost in all games, but the amount needed and functionality is different in each game.
  3. You need 2,500 points to sideswipe a racer (except in ModNation Racers: Road Trip).
  4. You need 30,000 to do a stomp takedown (only available in ModNation Racers PSP).
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