A Bolt Weapon being fired.

The Bolt weapon series will fire pinkish-purple bolts of lightning that will stun players that are hit.

Level one: BoltEdit

This weapon will fire a pinkish-purple bolt forward in the direction of the player who fired it. This can stun players that are near the player that got hit by the bolt. However, if it misses and hits the wall instead, it will disappear and the weapon will be wasted. It is not a laser, so it will not stun players that go through the bolt, only players that are hit by it's end.

Level two: Chain BoltEdit

Bolt Chain

A Chain Bolt being fired.

This weapon will fire a bolt that will Lock On to the Kart in the position better than the player who fired at that time. Lock On weapons will hit you and players will need to Shield to survive the attack without being stunned or losing a weapon. The bolt spread range is greater than the level one Bolt weapon, so it will stun players too close to the bolt when it hits a player.

Level three: Bolt StormEdit

Bolt Storm

A Bolt Storm being fired.

This weapon will fire a purple rocket that attempts to ascend to the sky. After a few seconds, the sky will turn cloudy and dark and lightning will hit players that are ahead of the player who fired at that time. In the PS3 version, players that get hit by level three weapons when they are not Shielding will lose their weapons at any level altogether.

There is a significant delay between the time the 'shield now' alarm is shown and the lighting actually attacking the players. Players may accidentally use up his or her Boost Points tring to shield the attack they believe will hit very quickly and then lose their weapon when the bolt actually hits, because the player is already out of boost points. They may also believe incorrectly that the bolt will come very quickly or never come and be hit and lose their weapons.

Bolt SecondaryEdit

Weapon BoltSecondary
ModNation Racers This is only relevant to the PS3 version of this game. This is because secondary weapons don't exist in ModNation Racers: Road Trip, and holding the Fire button will instead Cash In the weapon and give Boost Points.

The Bolt Secondary (and the three other secondary weapons) is activated by holding the Square button. This weapon fires a Purple mine behind the player that explodes when a player runs into it.

Level one secondary weapons (and the equivalent in ModNation Racers: Road Trip, the Plutonium Mine) disappear after three seconds, and level two secondary weapons will not disappear (or disappear after an extended period of time). Level three secondary weapons have a similarly colored circle (Purple for the Bolt secondary) around them that marks the increased range that passing players will activate the mine with.

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