ModNation™ Racers 25

Boardwalk in ModNation Racers.

Boardwalk is a Track in the game ModNation Racers. It is the second race in the Mayhem Tour. It is a seaside port. People don't like the races here cause they can't drive home from work. Skidplate appears as the Elite Mod for this course.

Base Best Lap: ?

Base Best Time: ?

Advance: Finish 3rd or better

Rewards: Checker 1 (Sticker), Predator 1 (Mouth), Tack (Odds 'N Ends)

Payoff: Finish 1st

Get 4,000 Max Speed Points

Rewards: Orca (Body), Low Drop (Suspension), Hi Tek (Wheels)

Bonus: Finish 1st

Take down Skidplate

Rewards: Stars (Headgear), Puddle (Prop), Pit Row Garage (Prop), Overalls (Bottoms)

Grudge Match: Finish 1st (against his thugs)

Rewards: Skidplate (Elite Mod), Skidplate's Kart (Elite Kart), Digital 10 (Eyes), Space Helmet (Headgear), Cell (Geometric)

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