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Valle de los zigzags is the third track of the Grim Tour, which features Shadow, the champion of the track. There are two shortcuts on the track as well as two big jump sections. This is also the third track where Tag races with Conservative Motors.


  • Requirements: Finish 3rd or better
  • Prizes: Valle de los zigzags track, Boxed Eyes (set of 11), Basketball shorts


  • Requirements: Finish 1st, get 70,000 Drift points
  • Prizes: Mako (Concept Bodies), Bones (License Plates), Sports (Steering Wheels), Balla' wheels


  • Requirements: Finish 1st, Take down Shadow
  • Prizes: Mean Native (Headgear), Elbow Pads (Accessories), Gums Mouths (set of 15), Cruise Ship (Track Studio props)

Grudge MatchEditar

  • Requirements: Get a higher score than Shadow
  • Prizes: Shadow, Shadow's Kart (UFG Creations), Cargo (Bottoms), Side Tracked (Hair), Spaghetti Strap (Tops)
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